About The Book

SOS: Strategies for Online Survival: The essential getting-started guide for virtual teachers

Head into the 2020-2021 school year prepared to give yourself—and your students—the best online learning environment possible. In this book, fifteen-year virtual teaching veteran Desiré Mosser guides educators in the best practices and strategies for building teacher-student relationships online, handling online lessons and Zoom meetings, adapting brick-and-mortar lesson plans for online delivery, creating inclusive classroom communities online, handling the sometimes-tricky world of online communication and feedback, and even balancing family with a work-from-home career.

With this book and its interactive self-reflection activities, you’ll learn how to:

  • manage workflow boundaries;
  • manage a virtual classroom platform;
  • map out your curriculum;
  • welcome your students to class;
  • motivate students to work and complete assignments;
  • bond with students through email;
  • build classroom community;
  • effectively prepare and run student meetings and live lessons;
  • handle online meeting disruption and behavior issues;
  • provide feedback;
  • manage your time;
  • balance your family and your new work-from-home hours;
  • and so much more!

Teachers know better than anyone that we are stronger together. Let this book be your partner, confidant, and guide so that this school year promises to be as successful as you want to make it! Cover design by Pam Carter Willoughby.