Virtual Teacher Training

Specialized professional development opportunities for online teachers can be difficult to find.  More importantly, it can be a struggle to get a large group of teachers in one room at the same time to take advantage of these trainings.  Virtual Classroom Training will solve both of these issues.  Trainings can consist of a single face-to-face training session, one or more online sessions, or a monthly learning plan.

New teacher induction training

Wish you had more time to prepare new hires for the realities of online teaching?  Find yourself having to use the “sink or swim” method when it comes to transitioning your teachers into their virtual classrooms? Want to offer your new teachers more support to help them be successful, top-notch online instructors?

The coaching sessions in the New Teacher Induction Training course will focus on best practices for the virtual environment.  Touching on effective student feedback, tone of emails, parent communication, classroom management, time management and much more!

Online tools to increase student engagement

Feel like your teachers’ “box of tricks” has stopped growing in size? Does it seem like they’ve become comfortable using the same online tools over and over again?  Why not provide your teachers with tools  that will grab their students’ attention and get them actively engaged in what they’re learning.  It’s time to move past Word docs and PowerPoint slides and leap into a world of (mostly free) online interactive tools to get students excited about learning!

This coaching session will be presented in a “Shoot Out” fashion during which participants are introduced to multiple online tools then given the chance to explore, share, brainstorm, and create!

Time management/Scheduling your day

Have showers become optional for your virtual teachers during the work week?  Have you heard rumors about caffeine IV drips?  Do your teachers joke about not remembering what their family members look like?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the coaching session for you!

During the time management session, participants will learn how to flex their time, set priorities, work smarter rather than harder, and regain the autonomy that they crave. They will leave with sample schedules that can be tweaked to fit their individual needs and preferences.

Taking the anxiety out of LIVE lessons

Do your teachers break out into a cold sweat when they have to present material to their students on a virtual platform?  Would they rather drive six hours, one way, to meet a student at Starbucks for a 10-minute lesson?   Do they show interest in giving live lessons a try, but just aren’t sure how to get started?

During this two-part coaching session, participants will learn how to create an online lesson, explore techniques to actively engage their virtual learners, and learn how to market their sessions to ensure a high volume of student participation.

*Efficient in Blackboard Collaborate and Adobe Connect

Student feedback and Effective Communication

Do you ever receive parent complaints about teacher responses being a little too harsh? Unfriendly? Lacking guidance?  Tired of hearing your teachers complain that their students NEVER read their emails?  Some teachers have difficulty forging relationships in the virtual world when they’re used to a brick-and-mortar setting. If your teachers struggle with personalizing their electronic feedback in a meaningful way and often resort to a time saving “Good Job!” or “Way to go!” then they need to learn more about student feedback and effective communication.

During this coaching session, participants will be trained in ways to build relationships with their online learners. We will discuss how to offer individualized, meaningful feedback in conjunction with feeding forward. This session will emphasize the importance of tone and introduce several web-based tools to help your virtual teachers be more efficient. Teachers will focus on the key elements of effective student feedback and have an opportunity to reflect on current practices.

Creating a course announcement page

Tired of logging into your teachers course to see the same stagnant information for days, weeks, maybe even months?   Are announcement pages covered in pictures of babies who are currently seniors in college or who now have children of their own?  Do your teachers feel limited by your current LMS when it comes to creating an engaging student announcement page?

During this coaching session, participants will brainstorm ways to utilize their announcement page for more than just contact information.  They will learn about user-friendly, web-based tools that can add excitement, course tutorials, and help motivate online learners. All while keeping accessibility for all students in mind!

Supporting a BLENDED program

Running a blended program can be a lot like trying to herd cats.  Students rarely stay in one place and are often found sprawled out on the floor or huddled up into small groups.  Teachers must come up with new ways to actively engage their kittens while allowing them the freedom to make choices.  To an outsider it can look like total chaos, but for those of us who get it, it looks like an amazing opportunity that all students benefit from.

Coaching for this topic is offered as a one-time session, or can be held on a recurring monthly basis. It will provide your teachers with an opportunity to learn new tips and tricks to use in their very unique online setting. These sessions will provide teachers with tools that assist them in managing their school day,  effectively blending classroom lessons with online materials, and best practices to use with struggling students.

Additional Training Options

Specialized training modules can be provided to help your teachers refine their skills and learn more about the following programs:

Blackboard Collaborate
Adobe Connect
Educator (LMS)
Canvas (LMS)
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Flash Appointments
Google Voice
Office 365

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