It’s All About Perspective

We all have those days. You know the ones, the assignments keep stacking up in your inbox as if they have spent last night getting to know one another and have now started their own families.  The brow above your right eye has started to twitch each time you hear a ding from an incoming email and you have changed your ring tone 4 times in the last three days because their melodies have started to haunt you in your sleep.

I will be the last person to tell you that teaching online is a piece of cake, even if it’s a double chocolate truffle with a ridiculously large scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.  In these moments where you feel the most overwhelmed, and as though you will NEVER get it all done, it is important to take a moment to grab some perspective.  Your inbox is full of assignments because you have motivated your students to actively engage in your course.  If students don’t find what you have to share interesting, worth their while, or something they can relate to, your inbox might resemble an empty package of Oreo cookies.  Your phone is ringing off the hook because your students TRUST you and feel comfortable enough to call you with questions. They have learned to count on you to help them find their way to success.  It’s your awesomeness that has created what you may, at times, look at as an annoyance. But, when you take a moment to adjust your perspective, you can see it for what it’s really worth 🙂

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